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Fingerprinting is now done exclusively by the state contracted vendor ‘Morpho Trak’ (previously called Sagem Morpho Inc.). Applicants for the below listed license’s must respond to the Lyndhurst Police Records Division to obtain the necessary application. This application will contain a Contributor’s case Number (unique Identifier) as required by Morpho Trak. All information re ‘Morpho Trak’, fees and appointments for fingerprinting services will be on the one page application form.

Applications may be obtained Mon – Fri, 9am – 4pm at the Lyndhurst Police Department Records Division for the following purposes:
*Bartender/Clerk/Waitress/Waiter, *Liquor License, *Canvass Permit, *Taxi & *Second Hand Goods Permit, *Massage License, New Firearms ID Card, Duplicate Firearms ID Card.
* - Two passport size photo’s required.

Additional fee’s include:
$5. Firearms ID Card
$2. Each gun permit


Applicants will need to contact Morpho Trak directly to schedule appointments for background checks needed for the following purposes:

Immigration, Naturalization, Visa, Adoption, Good Conduct, Expungement, Personal Record Check, Employment
They may do so via the internet at www.bioapplicant.com/nj or they may call the company at (877) 503-5981.


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