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The History of the Lyndhurst Police Department

The Lyndhurst Police Department was established on January 1, 1907 by then Union Township Ordinance #39. It stated that the Police Department might consist of, as many officers as the Township committee deem necessary to enforce the laws and ordinances of the Township. (The name of the town was changed to Lyndhurst in 1917). The committee hired two men to start Captain George Cassidy and Patrolman Michael McIntyre.

The first Headquarters was located at 262 Ridge Road where it operated until the completion of the Lyndhurst Town Hall in 1924. The Police Headquarters is still located there and received major renovations between 1998 and 2003.

As the population grew through the immigration years, so did the Department. More officers were hired and in 1911, Officer Michael McIntyre became the first Chief.

The method of patrol in the early days was foot patrol, where officers were assigned to certain sections of town. The two main sections were the Lyndhurst Section (West of Ridge Road) and the Kingsland Section (East of Ridge Road).

The Department received its first motorized vehicle in 1914; however, foot patrol was still a vital part of patrolling the Township. Most of the residents and businesses in those years had no phones and they knew where they were likely to find an officer if needed. Foot patrol continued until it was phased out in the 1980’s.

The Department continued to progress, and keep up with the times. In 1930 the first ambulance was ordered where medical emergencies were handled solely by Police Officers, who served both as driver and aidman. (Volunteers did not assist with the Lyndhurst Police Emergency Squad until 1942). Also in the 1930’s the Department introduced motorcycle patrol and was the first Department to use two-way radios in Bergen County.

Since its beginning the Lyndhurst Police Department has continued to serve and protect its residents by obtaining the latest equipment and sending its officers to various in-service training classes.

To date approximately 160 Officers including 7 Chiefs have served the Township.
Chief Michael McIntyre - 1911-1919
Chief Thomas Landells - 1919-1932
Chief Otto Bayer - 1932-1959
Chief Howard Liddle - 1959-1976
Chief William Jarvis - 1976-1986
Chief John Scalese - 1986-1998
Chief James O’Connor - 1998-Present

Through the years our Department has lost four Officers in the line of duty, not only has Lyndhurst lost the most Officers, but also had the first Officer to die in the line of duty in Bergen County.
They were:

Capt. George Cassidy
1907 (Gunshot)
P.O. William Sparta
1918 (Physical Assault)
P.O. Charles Liddle
1933 (Motorcycle Accident)

P.O. Thomas Albino
1947 (Gunshot)

LPD Historian Sgt. Don Goral

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