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Patrol Division

As with any modern day police department, the patrol division is the backbone of the agency. The officers assigned to patrol work twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty-five days a year.

The primary role of the patrol division is to respond to calls for service. These can range from first aid calls and alarm calls to fights and reports of disorderly persons.

The officers of the Lyndhurst Police Department pride themselves on our response time to emergency situations. The patrol plan currently in place allows getting to serious situations sometimes in just seconds.

Being a patrol officer is like no other job. Each day is completely different than the last one, and at any given time officer can be sent to calls so wide ranging that constant training must be a part of their lives. One moment an officer can be trying to bring back a heart attack victim and ten minutes later he may be neck deep in a domestic altercation. Later he or she may be trying to reach an out-of-control adolescent and minutes later managing a multi-vehicle motor vehicle accident. Our officers attend many schools and seminars each year to give them training in everything from emergency first aid to sophisticated weapons to deescalating volatile situations.

Despite everything, the most important strength of our officers is the ability to deal with people. People are what law enforcement is all about. Our officers will always be willing to help, so please never hesitate to call.



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